6th Week!!

nothing much we do this week…. we just do interview session with En. Helmi..

photo from Farah.. Thanks!

that’s all for this week… bye ūüôā


5th Week!

once again, Dr. Rosseni is not aound. ūüė¶ but it’s we have En. Helmi and Pn. Khazrati to guide us. what to learn today? im so excited…..

This week we have been exposed about Instructional Design. Instructional Design is actually the process of designing and developing instructional materials, by using scientific principles about how people learn, to maximise the acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitudes.

There are six basic principles that I need to pay attention according to Puan Khazrati’s lecture…

1. determine the student’s need

2. determine the objective

3. design/choose deliv

ery strategy

4. delivery evaluation procedure

5. employ instruction system

6. evaluate overall system

Among varieties of Instructional Design, for me ADDIE Instructional Design will be one of the design that is easy to be implement and somehow interesting for me. ADDIE brings the acronyms of A Analysis, D Design, D Developing, I Implementing and E Evaluating.

next,¬†making our own code? seriously? omg! it is so excited…

This will be my wordpress code :)


and also my group blog…

alhamdullilah. I learn more new stuffs this week. Till then.

May Allah bless averything :)



Today, when I entered the class, I did not see Dr. Rosseni. Where is she? Well, she still in Kedah until Saturday. She is attending a course. Kak Anna took over the class. Kak Anna is fun!! ūüôā

Dr. Rosseni had prepared activities even she was not here. here is the tentative of the activities:

10.00-10.30am: Photography Technique ‚Äď A Sharing of Experience Session with Faisal
10.30-11.00am : TESL Yr 2 Students Readiness towards Hybrid Meaningful Learning 2.0
11.00-11.30pm : Break for ‚ÄúKopi & Nasi Lemak plus Karipap Kak Anna‚ÄĚ
11.30-11.45pm ¬†: Pn. Hazrati ‚Äď Sharing Samples of Reflections as Required by the Course
11.45-12.45pm  : Optimizing Blogs & FB Group for Communication in Completing the
Course Task ‚Äď En. Helmi with Pn. Hazrati and Kak Anna

At 10 a.m an unfamiliar man took over the class. He is En. Faisal. He taught us on Photography. He talked about things that I never heard of. ISO? SHUTTER SPEED? APERTURE?

He explained to us what are they. They are the components of photography. By controlling these three thing, we can produce a beautiful photos. Theoretically, I understand those components but practically I am not. I used to dream that I want to buy DSLR but it is too expensive. So sad! I hope when we on our field trip one day, I will more understand the elements of photography.

Then, Kak Anna asked us to answer questionnaire regarding Hybrid Meaningful Learning 2.0. After finished answer it, we got a free pen. I LOVE free gift. heheheh. ūüôā Thank you Kak Anna.

After that, Pn. Hazrati took over the class and talked about our reflection. She said, according to Dr. Rosseni we missed a lot of thing in our reflection. She asked to improve our reflection 1, 2 and 3. I must improve it as I want my grade will be better. ūüôā

Finally, “makan” time. We ate Nasi Lemak and Karipap at the end of the class. They were so delicious. But who sponsored these food? Thanks for them who sponsored this wonderful food. Thanks a lot..

This is the reflection of 4th week and next I will recover all of my previous reflection.

See you then, Bye!



Assalamualaikum and HI to you…. ūüôā

As posted in my second entry, I said that Dr. Rosseni asked us to think of what we gonna do for our creative video. Well, my friends and I came up with an idea regarding F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P. So, today we start to work on the project. ¬†ūüôā We have to do a storyboard based on what¬†story¬†we want to do. This is called as Pre-Production Phase.

En. Helmi provides everything that we might need to make the storyboard.  He gives us board, sticky notes and the best thing is the plastiscines. It has been a long time i did not use it.. heheheheh. Back to the childhoodddddd. yeay!!!!

Everybody is very excited as they can let  their creativity out of themselves. Then, every group need to present their storyboard to the class. The enthusiasm is HEATING UP!!! It goes the same to our group. Everyone takes their own part to finish the storyboard within the time given by En. Helmi. FNS do the drawing, Shira do the writing. As for me, Kak ana and Farah, we do the decoration of the storyboard.   We have so much FUN while doing this.

*storyboard-making process


After one hour, we manage to finish our storyboard. We are happy the result….. ūüôā

*our storyboard

The pre-production is finished. Now, it is time to proceed to the real production. We might face a lot of challenges,  but we hope that we can produce a video that has good quality and can attract people to watch it. Aminnn!

Bye for now…. ūüôā Assalamualaikum.






Well, it is already second week of class but it is my first time to be in this class. ūüėõ Since it is my first time in class, I’m¬†kinda excited. It has been a long time I didn’t see Dr. Rosseni. I miss her so much. After meet her, I feel so much better. hehehehe…

For this week our beloved lecturer ask us to think very VERY DEEPLY about what are we going to do, what theme, what values to be inserted in our video and present the idea in class next week. So, Dr. Rosseni shows us more videos that might be inspire us to do a creative video.

These videos are interesting and attract my¬†interest¬†to watch them. Even those videos look simple but they are well-made. To make that kind of video, we need to plan it so well. What message do we want to share? What theme we want to convey? What kind of story? We need to think deeply on what we want to do for the project. The skills of editing videos is also important to make such creative piece. ¬†To have that kind of skills, me and my group members will use our brain to absorb all of the tips and skills given by Dr. Rosseni and other lecturers….

Hope that we can do a very interesting videos and we can deliver our message to the audiences….. cross fingersssss!!

That’s all for this week. Assalamualaikum and bye!

1st Post!!

I didn’t attend this first class because I WOKE UP late in the morning ūüėõ Usually, I do not have class on¬†Friday,¬†but for this semester we do have class on this particular day. ¬†It is kinda HARD for me to adjust my body clock. hahahaha.

I regretted that I¬†didn’t¬†come to class because I lost a lot of important information. But luckily I have such wonderful FRIENDs who help me a lot. They let me know the task to be done this week.¬†Thanks¬†my friends. Love you guys so much.. ‚̧

They told me from A-Z regarding this course. Well, I found that this course is very interesting.  Through this course I can try to deliver my message to the world using creative way which is video presentation. it is not an easy thing to do but i am sure throughout this course. i can learn to make interesting video to be watched by the people all around the world..

I cant wait for the next class because my friends said that we gonna learn a lot of things regarding video production. I’ll be in the next class. technology in Education here I come!!!!